About us


about_us_0At Busoga Phones, we believe that everyone should have access to not only a mobile phone but a smartphone in particular.

Smartphones have changed the world!

Why? Well in the past decade, smartphones, in particular, have changed how we view communication as well as how we interact with each other. Not only can we call people, we can interact with them through video calling, texts, messenger services and perhaps most importantly, social media.

The rise of social media

Social media not only puts people around the world in contact with each other, it has shown with recent events just how powerful it can be. The “Arab Spring” events in the Middle East and Egypt, in particular, were all arranged through social media. Not only that, but social media users are the first to post breaking news from important events happening around the globe daily.

Smartphones are a crucial daily tool

Smartphones have become a crucial daily tool in all of our lives, from a powerful businessman working on his next deal to a student, studying for a better future.

For this reason Busoga Phones, together with their service providers have made a host of bad credit mobile phones available. These are aimed at those people who struggle financially and who, unfortunately, have bad credit ratings, meaning they have no way at all of securing a contract phone.

We have a range of handsets to choose from, even if you are blacklisted! Of course, we cannot offer the latest smartphones, but rest assured our models are around a year old and still have all the features you would need on a daily basis. After all, manufacturers actually change very little between models.

Excellent customer service

We guide you every step of the way, no matter if it is your first time buying a bad credit mobile phone. In fact, we pride ourselves on our customer service and we believe that by treating you as our customer in the correct manner, you not only will come back again, but you will act as a reference for us to all your friends, family, and colleagues. Our extremely knowledgeable staff go out of their way to help you, no matter what query, question or concern you might have. Rest assured, we will provide you with impartial advice at all times, helping you to make an informed decision when it comes to deciding on the right contract for you.

We understand that it can be difficult to speak to people about a mobile phone contract, especially if you have been blacklisted. Rest assured, we will never judge you. We are here to help.